What’s The Fuss About Pinterest?

You can’t really avoid seeing the word Pinterest anywhere you look today in the social media world. News about Pinterest is literally being splashed about all over the place. So what exactly is Pinterest and should it be a tool that you need to incorporate into your business?

The easiest way to explain what Pinterest is, and what is does, is to look at it as a virtual image noticeboard. People ‘pin’ photos and videos to their own boards and others can ‘like’ them, add comments or ‘re-pin’ (share) images and videos from other people’s boards to their own boards.

Pinterest can be a great way to visually share the things you like. This can be as simple as sharing home decorating tips, showing off new furniture or even photos of your pets or garden! The only limit to what you can share is set by your imagination!

Items are pinned to various boards which can be related to using categories on a blog post or website. A board can be labeled with your terms such as:

  • Favorite Books/Movies
  • Things I love to Eat
  • My Garden
  • Places I would love to Travel to
  • And more (…you get the idea)

Remember that scrapbook you used as a child to paste all your favorite things into? Well Pinterest is the virtual equivalent to that!  You can now have your own personal online scrapbook which can be shared worldwide.

Of course this worldwide sharing idea is a boon to internet marketers. For anyone promoting a business there are ways to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing endeavors.

The most important thing to remember about Pinterest is that it is a visual site. If your business includes designs, images and photos, then you could really benefit from adding this new social site to your arsenal.

Pinterest has been around now since March 2010, but its popularity as a Social Media network took 18 months to grow.  In August 2011, Time magazine named Pinterest in its “50 Best Websites of 2011” article, and its popularity has continued on an upwards trend. The most popular group of users is women in their mid-twenties to thirties.

With the increase in Pinterest, though, more men and businesses are trying to discover just how they can take advantage of this upcoming social trend. Don’t you ever wish you were in at the beginning of the Facebook age?

Pinterest has rules and etiquette policies that must be adhered to including being respectful, crediting sources and being authentic.  If you have discovered Pinterest, now is definitely the time to create an account and start pinning some images to your boards.

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