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In this specific video I’m going to show you a powerful video marketing method that drives traffic to your site.

Now before you get started, you’re going to need a few things. First you’ll need to know what keywords you want to rank on, then you’ll need to have the video in hand to upload to YouTube. You’ll need to have the website that you’re promoting, you will need to have anywhere from five to ten to twenty dollars to outsource backlinking to your YouTube video. Now you can do this manually, however in this video, I actually recommend that you use a specific site, and I’ll talk more about that in just a few seconds. Now follow me step-by-step and click-by-click.

Okay so what I want you to do is hop on over to as you can see here, and simply type in your keyword phrase in here. So let’s say for example that my keyword phrase is “colon cleansing recipes.” Now what I want you to do is simply type this in, and then look at the top ten links. If you don’t see a video here, then this is a gauge opportunity to create a video for this specific keyword phrase. The way Google has laid their system out is usually where you can see news related items, other search engine links, organic links, images, and Google video. Now if you don’t see a Google video in the top ten, we can see that there are some on the second page of Google. Now we notice that our keyword phrase is “colon cleansing recipes” but we can also see that these videos are not really optimized very well. Like this right here says “colon cleanse recipes” “colon cleansing recipe” and “colon cleansing recipes” this one is somewhat optimized, however I’m going to show you how to better optimize your video and how to take it one step further that all these other videos are not using in terms of this specific strategy.

Okay, after you’ve done that, you’ve figured out, alright there’s no videos on the top ten, here’s the next step. You’re going to take your video, and you’re going to upload it to YouTube. So let’s go ahead and go to YouTube and upload that video. I’m going to walk you through step-by-step so you know exactly what to do.

Now if you go to and you go ahead and login to your account, and you click on Upload, you can either select files to upload, or drag and drop the video files here. So let’s go ahead and select the files to upload. Now as YouTube is uploading the video, we can begin the process to edit the settings, like the title, the description, the tags, the video thumbnails, and so forth. Now the title needs to be related to your colon cleansing recipes keyword, or whatever keyword that you are using. Now what I would do with the title is simply enter the keyword or keyword phrase first, and then I’d put a dash, and then I would put some sort of blurb that relates to colon cleansing recipes. So I went ahead and titled it as “Colon Cleansing Recipes – Five Recipes That Will Wipe Your Colon Clean” and then of course in the description, you want to include your URL to your website. So whatever your WordPress site is, include that first, up here. And of course you want to make sure that it relates to colon cleansing recipes because when google comes to this video, they see the link, they go to the link, they’re going to look at the website. If the website is related to colon cleansing recipes – because it is related, it will rank a lot better. And the secret here is congruency. If you put it in your title, make sure you put it in your description, and if you can, make sure that your domain name is something related to colon cleansing recipes. And if is taken, you could do something like, and then of course you want to put the description, which you’ll want to make sure that you have the colon cleansing recipes…this video explains in detail how to wipe your colon clean using these five tasty recipes. And of course tags, you want to do colon cleansing recipes, colon cleaning recipes, colon recipes, and so forth. Then you’ll want to choose a thumbnail, and there we go! Make sure that you save it and sometimes YouTube will automatically save it, so we’re good to go.

Now after you upload your video, you might want to wait several days because there’s several methods that we want to do, but we have to wait until YouTube actually processes the video. For example, what we’re looking at here are transcripts. So if I click on another colon cleanse weight loss recipes video, you’ll notice that there is a button here that says Transcript. Google actually gives you the ability to upload your transcript. So one cool strategy is simply to find a transcriber, and to have him or her transcribe your video. Of course there are many sites out there, however I recommend a site called ( do a search for transcriber. Simply click on rating here, so that you can sort the better rated people at the top to the bottom, just simply get somebody to transcribe the video. And once you have the transcript in hand, then simply go back to YouTube, and if you go under the video editing settings. And you go to your YouTube video, you edit it, you go under Captions, you can see that you can upload your captions file or transcript. Now basically when YouTube looks at your video, they can see exactly what you’re talking about, and especially when you’re talking about that specific keyword phrase and topic. Google will know that your video is really about that topic, and you’ll actually get really good rankings just by doing that.

Now you take it one step further and start generating backlinks to your YouTube video. Or another way is to simply submit your video to other video sharing sites. So you can say something like “submit video to TrafficGeyser” and TrafficGeyser is basically a site that allows you to submit to many different video sharing sites. Or you can type in submit video, video submission, and things like that. We’re basically looking for people that will submit your video to popular sites and will basically do backlinks to that specific video. And what happens is Google will find these videos, they find that this specific video is related to your specific keyword. And then especially if you’ve uploaded to YouTube, I’ve found that it’s usually sufficient and if you drive backlinks to that specific YouTube video, then that can actually help your ranking.

So just a quick recap, upload your video, optimize your YouTube description, title description, and tags. Then upload the transcript, make sure that the video is about that certain topic, so that now when you upload the transcript, YouTube knows exactly what your site is all about. And then from that point, get some backlinks, go to, get people to submit your video to video sharing sites, and get people to submit backlinks to your specific video. And I would basically just hand them whatever video link that YouTube gives you, and that’s it. I’ve used this strategy for many, many years, it hasn’t changed a lot but it’s driven a lot of traffic just by using this specific strategy.

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