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1 Billion
Facebook is now the world’s biggest social network, with over 1 billion active users. Founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced the milestone on US television in October 2012.

Expects to see $7 billion in mobile transactions by the end of 2012.

How Businesses Are Using Social Media Platforms
social-media-platforms-page-one-success Twitter 71%
Facebook 56%
LinkedIn 53%
YouTube 4%
Source:  Chartered Institute of Marketing


81% of ALL email is Spam reports that over 90 Trillion emails were sent over the Internet in 2009. That equates to 20 billion SPAM emails sent out every day.

Contrary to popular belief…
Nigeria is NOT top of the spam list. It is in fact, way down the International list.

social-media-facts-page-one-successAmount of Spam sent daily:
1)    United States                       6.1 million
2)    Brazil                                     3.2 million
3)    India                                      2.7 million
4)    Republic of Korea               1.8 million
5)    Vietnam                               1.7 million
6)    Russian Federation            1.6 million
7)    Germany                              1.4 million
91) Nigeria                                  0.2 million
Source: Rackspace

87 – The percentage of the worlds population that now owns a mobile phone.


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