Taking Customer Orders With Pinterest

pinterest-page-one-successIf you run any type of customer service business you know that instructions can be misread. This ends up in the customer being irritated because their order wasn’t done correctly. What if you could rectify this with Pinterest?

When customers can show rather than tell you what they want, everyone wins: The customer is happy as their order is done right the first time; you save time and stress because you don’t end up having to redo work or having to calm down an irate customer!

How can you achieve this? By getting your customers to show you with images exactly what they had in mind.

This type of customer interaction will work for businesses such as wedding planners, cake designers and even graphic designers. If customers can actually Pin images onto your board as examples of what they wanted, would you find this helpful? No more guessing as to what they actually meant!

This visual guidance could prove to be a godsend for your business. Right from the beginning, your customers can place an order and provide you with examples of what they would like done. Right off the bat you can tell if this is something that you can actually do, and it might help you price jobs more exactly.

For a bride to show you examples of dresses or flower arrangements that she likes, you will know what type of look or theme she is after. You can then offer your suggestions and even post your own images in response. Or better yet, you could reply with a video and post that to the board!

This type of visual communication can show new customers the care that you take with your business. In fact you are building yourself a portfolio and references as you go. Other users can visit your board and see the process unfold from the wish list to recommendations and then to the final product. Don’t you think this type of attention to detail will be wonderful for your business?

You can have boards for each customer or one board for customer requests. People could propose ideas to you and then you can accept or reject the order. This would cut down on a lot of hassle and frustrations.

Pinterest is a visual site and doesn’t cater to long messages, but you can still leave descriptions with ideas and suggestions on your Pins and ask for feedback. If this idea appeals to you, it is worth testing out to see how you can incorporate it into your business.

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