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Page One Success Explains QR Codes

Perhaps you have flicked through a magazine or you have passed a promotional poster and you saw an advertisement with a small box filled with random black squares against a white background. You might have wondered what it was. Well wonder no more, because that, my friend, is a QR code.

Once you notice one (especially now you realize what they are) you will soon see many more. They will leap out at you from so many places because they are everywhere: Magazines, advertisements, websites, TV, even the back of cereal packets.

You might have just noticed them recently, but smartphone users are very familiar with them.  They look out for these codes and scan them with their phones.

This article will explain why:

What are QR CODES?

QR codes have been described as being a barcode on steroids which is brilliant description.

Data is embedded within these codes and accessed by a user scanning their mobile phone on the QR code. This is very similar to the way a check out girl scans goods in the supermarket.

The smartphone user simply points their phone to the QR code and then is instantly taken to the web site page of the company on whose advertisement it is on. Normally this is a specially designed page featuring a special offer or more information about the product they have seen advertised.

How your business can use QR codes as part of your mobile marketing campaigns

There are so many advantages to using QR codes in your marketing. Here are some ideas that you can use to leverage the power of QR codes in your own business:

  1. 1.     Enhance Customer Excitement

Adding QR codes to your marketing campaigns will add a new layer of excitement for your customer. They will want to scan your image to see what you have on offer for them. It might be more information about your product that you could not fit into your advertisement or could be a special offer or coupon.

Marketing company MGH monitored the users of smartphones and discovered that almost half of the smartphone owners who saw a QR code scanned it. When asked what they were hoping to see as a result of scanning the code, they said that they were hoping to see a special deal, coupon or more information.

So if you are planning on using QR codes, it is important to keep in mind what the customers motivation is to scan the code and it’s worth remembering that of the users who do scan the code, 18% will buy.

  1. 2.     Instant Delivery at the point of sale

The most amazing thing about these “quick” codes is that they offer instant delivery information at the point of sale. You will be striking while the iron is hot. It means that the consumer no longer has to wait until they get home, turn on their computer etc. in order to research your product or service. They simply point and click and all of the information that they need is right at their fingertips in a matter of seconds.

QR codes are an essential addition to any mobile marketing campaign.

  1. 3.     QR codes pay for themselves many times over

A huge benefit for most companies is that you do not need to reprint advertisements or flyers every time you change a particular promotion. Your customers can simply point and scan the QR code and immediately go to the source and pull down the most current up to date information about that product or service.

In addition you can use QR codes to conduct surveys and obtain customer feedback about your product or service. The sky is the limit.

Consumers recognize QR codes. They are using then whenever they see them in magazines, brochures and on websites.

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