How To Transform Your Tweets and Attract More Customers

marketing with twitterIf you are a regular reader of this magazine you will already know how much we rave on about Twitter being such a good marketing tool for local businesses.

If you have already started using Twitter and are having limited success with it then we are going to reveal some cool ways to pimp your Tweets and jump-start your Twitter efforts so you can start cashing in from this amazing marketing resource.

However, just before we do that, we realize there are still a lot of local businesses out there who even now still ‘don’t get’ Twitter. They may have played around with it for a bit before giving it up or claiming that it doesn’t work.

So before we show you how to get more results from your Tweets, our first aim is to help you ‘get Twitter’; really understand it properly.

The reason why this is so important is because Twitter is now part of the mainstream media. Hundreds of millions of brands, entrepreneurs, celebrities and regular people use it everyday. Yet despite that, there are billions of people who either don’t understand what Twitter is, or worse still (especially if you are in business) don’t care what Twitter is.

We talk to a lot of local businesses and it is surprising how many of them resist trying to use Twitter as part of their marketing campaigns.

Before we meet them, they have already decided that Twitter isn’t for them. They tell us they are far too busy and that Twitter is a waste of time. Or they might say they are already on Facebook and they hate that too. Some even try to pass Twitter off as a passing fad.

There are others who get really angry. ‘Who cares what some celebrity has had for breakfast? We are fed up of hearing about Twitter.’

Others give in, begrudgingly opening an account. “Yeah, I’m on Twitter “ they say but in many cases they might only be active for a day or two before completely ignoring it for the next few weeks until they remember to use it again.

The ones who we feel sorry for most and really want to help are those who have made the effort, signed up and tried to send some Tweets but nothing is happening and they don’t have many people following them.

For them, it seems to confirm what they always thought: Twitter isn’t for them. There is nothing to see or do. They don’t know what to say, and end up so confused, asking questions like: ‘How come I only write Tweets about what I had for breakfast?’ ‘What the heck is a hashtag?’ ‘Who should I be following?’

Now and again, we do find businesses who actually ‘GET IT”. Yes, it might have been hard work but their perseverance was well worth it. They kept plugging away, kept reading, kept asking questions and just kept on doing it.

Suddenly, after a while, the light bulb comes on. They ‘get it’. It works. Yay!!

We love moments like this because trying to explain what Twitter is to somebody who doesn’t understand it, is hard. You have to find out yourself. Then when you finally do, it is like opening up a whole new world with lots and lots of opportunities and information at your fingertips.

You might recognize some of the comments and feelings above. We want to help you to grasp the importance of Twitter and what it could mean for your business. If you want to know more then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our details can be found throughout this magazine and we would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, for those of you who do ‘get’ Twitter, you are going to love our suggestions to help kick-start your Twitter campaign.

No matter what your goal is, whether you want to gain more followers, tweet more regularly, get more re-tweets or get your various Twitter accounts better organized, we have got a tip to help you out.

1 Tidy up your Twitter bio:

When people first sign up to Twitter they generally forget to fill out their bio. They either leave it blank or quickly knock out a quick sentence or two about how much they love their dogs and going out on a Friday night. Your Twitter bio is very important because this is the key component of your identity on Twitter. This is prime real estate to branding and raising your visibility on Twitter. Your bio is limited to 160 characters, so it is vital to make them count. Perfecting your bio will help you to become more productive and engaged on Twitter, making it a much more positive experience. Here some tips:

a. Identify your interests and skills
Set out your stall from the very beginning by letting your followers and potential followers know what you will be Tweeting about. This will help keep you focused and remind you of the reason why you are on Twitter.

b. Use keywords relating to your business
People tend to forget that Twitter is also a search tool so always think about keywords when filling in your bio. You will be far more likely to attract loyal, engaged followers when you make yourself identifiable based on specific keywords.

c. Include a link to your Website or Facebook page
This is not vital but it does make good business sense. Social marketing is all about being social, so by linking to your website, blog, Facebook or LinkedIn page you have a good way to get your followers to connect with you across many different platforms and not just Twitter.

d. Update regularly
Make sure that your bio is current and correct. For example, have you changed job positions within your company since you last updated your bio? Is your kitten now a fully grown cat? Did you move? Have you gained more experience in a specific field of your business? Your bio needs to reflect these changes so that you present an accurate, up-to-date profile of yourself and your business.

2 It’s Time To Get visual

Don’t just tell it, show it. Visuals are a huge part of the social media experience so you need to get on board with making your posts more engaging and interesting. Great photos and videos will make your marketing campaigns much more successful. If you don’t know where to start here are two excellent resources that you can use:

Vimeo staff picks  is a great place for interesting videos and you can get a wide range of info-graphics on almost any subject at Don’t forget to use sites like Pinterest for lots more inspiration.

3 Meet New People

Widen out and meet new people. This is one of the best benefits of being on Twitter as it gives you the opportunity to instantly connect with millions of people similar to you. Step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the opportunity you have to connect with these people. Let them know how you and your business can help them. Your business will benefit and it will build your confidence on Twitter.

4 Engage With Your Followers

Take the time to become part of the communities that you want to reach by re-tweeting their posts or responding to their comments in a favourable way. Make sure your posts add value to the conversation going on. This will strengthen their trust and they will be more inclined to listen to you. Don’t be that annoying person who constantly posts a stream of pointless messages that do nothing more than irritate people.

5 Time Your Tweets

Experiment by tweeting at various times of the day to see which time slots get the most response and feedback from your audience. For example, one report found that 1pm is the ideal to send Tweets as a lot of people tend to be on their lunch break and have the time to catch up on their Tweets. Determining what time is best for your audience is something you will discover for yourself over a short period of time. Investing the effort into working out the best times for tweeting is almost as important as the content you are going to post.

6 The One Rule You Should NEVER Forget

It is amazing what people choose to post online. Personal secrets, confessions and embarrassing comments are made on a daily basis. Because it is so easy to add your voice to social networking sites by sending a tweet or adding a Facebook comment, there is one rule that you should never, ever forget: Assume that everyone, everywhere will read what you write and see what you post.

You don’t want to make any post that is unprofessional or reflects badly on you or your business.

You will get far more out of Twitter and other social networking sites if you follow these guidelines.

However, if you want more advice about Twitter and how you can market your business effectively, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We can help you to understand Twitter and show you how you can use this amazing tool to drive more visitors to your website and eventually buy from you.

Contact us today. We can’t wait to share our insider tips with you.

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