December 28th Real Deal MeetUp Resources & Bonuses

This month’s Real Deal MeetUp Event, was all about Facebook Ads, The Mad Scientist showed everyone in attendance, how to setup and optimize your Facebook business page. What makes a good business page 0n Facebook, and how to get more targeted leads from your Facebook marketing efforts.

One of the most powerful pieces of content in the presentation, was when The Mad Scientist broke down step-by-step the different types of ads there are but most importantly when and how to use them. Simply Powerful!!!

December 28th  Resources & Bonuses:

PowerPoint Slides: To grab the complete power-point presentation that Charles Blair “The Mad Scientist” gave just click this link ===> How To Put A Profitable Face On Facebook

Facebook Graph Search: Was  one of the tools that Charles talked about and demonstrated how you could use this FREE Facebook feature to really drill down and target your leads,

Article: To learn more about Facebook Graph Search, read this article: 17 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Facebook Graph Search

Social Lead Freak (SLF): Is an amazing tool used in conjunction with the Chrome add on: Power Editor, you can create highly targeted custom audiences, to specifically target your Facebook ads to your campaign, with laser targeted accuracy.

Chrome’s Facebook Power Editor: Power Editor is a free browser plugin created by Facebook that lets you bulk-edit your ads. It was initially created as a Chrome plugin ( Get It Here )

Real Dealers SPECIAL Announcement

Charles gave everyone a sneak peak of the Rea; Deal Reloaded all day workshop that’s in the works for February 22nd, be-sure to mark that date on your calendar.


But that was just the beginning of the announcement, at the end he told everyone in the room how they could attend this all day EVENT for FREE.

Everyone who buy’s the NEW – I Flip For The Real Deal MeetUp T-shirt. ( you  can get it here ), can come to the ALL day workshop on February 22nd for FREE, That’s right for FREE, but there is a catch. You Only Have Until January 5th, to grab your T-shirt. After that date you would have to pay the reg price of  $77.00 to attend.

You can go here now => <== to grab your shirt and attend the Real Deal MeetUp Re-Loaded, Event for FREE..

Real Dealer, Ah Ha Moment:

This month’s Ah Ha Moment came from Real Dealer, Stephanie Henry I also now know how to use FB for my business. I saw FB as a social forum. I am excited about it now being my business newsletter and lead finder!!!

Real Dealer Shout Out:

While other groups talk about real estate investing our members are learning, applying  and closing deals. A BIG SHOUT OUT to Real Dealer,  Terry Royce of Get Started Wholesaling, Closed 3 deals last week and is looking to have 2 more close this week.






















If you have any comments or questions about the strategies, tools and resources mentioned at this month’s Real Deal MeetUp Event, just level them below and we’ll get them answered right away.


  1. Juanita Boone says:

    Awesome presentation on Dec 28,2013. I may need a one on one though.

    • Charles Blair says:

      Juanita, I’m glad you like it, and sure we can set up a consulting session with you, and show you exactly how to implement this in your business, to generate more leads. You saw just how effective this would be for real estate agents like yourself. Give me call.

  2. Awesome MEETING on Dec 28,2013.

  3. Excellent meeting. The information conveyed about using FB as a marketing tool was enlightening to say the least…

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