Wholesaling Real Estate For Success [Podcast #003]

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Top 5 Secrets To Selling Your Real Estate Deal Fast [Podcast #002]

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How To Find Your First Real Estate Deal [Podcast #001]

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Make Your Business An Online Success By Following Our Website Marketing Tips

Have you ever wondered why some local businesses seem to thrive and be incredibly successful at marketing themselves on the Internet while others can’t even manage to get one customer to their website? If so, you are not alone. We realize that a lot of businesses find internet marketing very frustrating. There are literally thousands of different ways to market your business on the Internet, so we have put together some basic internet marketing tips we think will be useful to most local small … [Read more...]

How To Protect Your Brand With Online Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation is an important component of online public relations. In this day and age your potential customers will probably decide to ‘Google’ your name or company when deciding whether to buy from you or use your services or not. While this is great news for consumers who can now make informed decisions about who they may or may not choose to do business with, it can be a nightmare for some businesses. Why? Because image is everything! So every business (or individual) … [Read more...]

Beginners Guide to SEO

Congratulations! You've made the decision to take your business online. You've built your website and you’re ready to start taking orders, but where are all the customers you thought would be knocking on your virtual door? Perhaps they have gotten lost? Or is it that they would be on their way to you....if only they knew you existed! If you are not clued up on Search Engine Optimization, then unfortunately it’s going to be the latter. They simply can’t find you. Search Engine … [Read more...]

SEO for Beginners

No matter what business you are in, you need to have an online presence. Your customers and prospects use the internet daily to find the products and services they need. If your business can’t be found online, they will have no other choice but to buy from the places they can find online - and that is your competitors!. However, giving your business an online presence is more than simply putting up a little website with your company's address and phone number. It means setting up a virtual … [Read more...]

How To Transform Your Tweets and Attract More Customers

If you are a regular reader of this magazine you will already know how much we rave on about Twitter being such a good marketing tool for local businesses. If you have already started using Twitter and are having limited success with it then we are going to reveal some cool ways to pimp your Tweets and jump-start your Twitter efforts so you can start cashing in from this amazing marketing resource. However, just before we do that, we realize there are still a lot of local businesses out … [Read more...]

Stand Out From Your Competition By Claiming Your Google Plus Local page

Claiming your Google+ Local page is essential for every business and this is the reason why: The way your customers look for information about the products and services they need has changed forever. A massive 82% of customers now look for a local business on the Internet instead of traditional means such as the phone book or newspapers. If you want your business to be an online giant, you need to ensure your business is one of the first results a potential customer sees when they are … [Read more...]

12 Golden Rules for Super Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Some businesses make the mistake of thinking that social media is just a case of signing in to Facebook, Tweeting, creating a LinkedIn profile or signing up for Google Plus. It isn’t that easy. To get value from social media, you must share value. That is the key to successful social media marketing that will help you to build a large following of loyal fans and customers. Here are 12 golden rules to help you run a super effective social media marketing campaign: 1. It Takes Time Although … [Read more...]