Auto Dealers

Automotive dealers are notoriously some of the biggest spenders in traditional broadcast media. With the right approach they could catapult the success of those ads by adding in mobile engagements to each and every radio spot, print ad, event, or other broadcast.

The types of people that these dealers are looking to engage with have their mobile devices on them when they see or hear the advertisement. If the engagement is a good one, there is no doubt that these potential buyers of vehicles would text in to:

  • See the inventory instantly on their phone
  • To enter to win
  • To get an instant rebate
  • To get an instant coupon for their trade-in
  • To see what their trade-in might be worth – “Just fill in this form on this mobile site”

When people text in to engage with these promotions, this exact targeted audience can be followed up with by the sales agents from the dealership and brought in for a test drive resulting in more closed sales.

Service Reminders

Communicating with previous buyers has been a tried and tested model for dealers over the years. A client buys from our dealership today, 3 years from now they are highly likely to come in and trade it for a new one from us again.

What is the single best way to keep that continued relationship going? Send them SMS updates on keeping the value of their car up, on service reminders to bring it back in, or even events that the dealership is having in the future.

How do most dealerships utilize the technology?

Simply get people to opt-in for maintenance updates at the time of purchase. Then send out reminders to bring their car back in for service automatically scheduled out into the future based off of the date of purchase.

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